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Letters From the Nation's Clergy

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    My dear Sir:

  1. You have paid a high compliment to the preachers of America. A few of them deserve your expressed appreciations; but I feel unworthy of such high compliments.

  2. Embodied in legislative ideals you have caused congress to act upon is the Gospel we preach, in action, and I regret that purely political opposition shows itself, but to the final defeat of your opponents.

  3. No leader in the past has shown more wisdom, neither is there a contemporary leader to take your place. The Southern Methodist Church will not forsake you in this hour, not the combined Protestantism of the South.

  4. I am sure you know about the Garment Workers strike in Dallas. Employers have failed to submit to arbitration causes leading to the strike. Employers of the South are going to die hard, but they will die. The churches are with you in all matters of arbitration.

  5. I call your attention to police records of Dallas showing an alarming increase in deaths caused by drunken drivers. There is illicit stilling going on, and bootlegging as much as before, which is true under any effort to control. As the churches put on the hardest fight against legal or illegal liquor business ever known, we shall continue to honor you for your statesmanship, and pray that the liquor business shall soon be beneath the lowest politics.

    Yours very truly,

    W.P. Buckner
    7218 Concord Street
    Dallas, TX
    Sept. 27, 1935