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Letters From the Nation's Clergy

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    Dear Mr. Roosevelt:

  1. I am sorry that I have not been in a position to answer your letter of September 24 this year, until the present moment. I have been away from study account of sickness. I appreciate the consideration shown in asking my opinion about certain conditions.

  2. The conditions in Texas and in particular North Texas are very good. I am anxious, with the government, that we get our people off welfare and relief at the earliest moment in order that we may do away with the dole and a feeling of dependence that is growing. The P.W.A. is doing that as fast as possible. May it continue to wean all those who can work at all back into the ranks of those who want to work for a living. This will bring the true spirit of prosperity.

  3. I am for your program of Social Security Legislation and I trust the Nation shall soon feel the effect of this legislation in relieving suffering with aid for our old people and crippled children.

  4. I am glad to serve you if in writing this letter I have advanced any though that may be helpful. Please call of me and believe me, I am,

    Sincerely yours,

    Goldman Drury, Pastor
    South Baptist Church
    Fort Worth, TX
    no date