A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Curriculum Development Projects
The New Deal Network is assisting the following projects by providing materials development, technical support, and curriculum support from educators at the Institute for Learning Technologies, and by fostering a nationwide community of teachers, scholars and students. Some projects are already online and well underway. Others are just beginning to be developed. If you have a New Deal-era project that you wish to include in this group, or if you can offer assistance to any of these projects, contact the NDN Project Director at newdeal@feri.org.
We Made Do: Recalling the Great Depression
An oral history of the Depression era developed by Don Adams' 11th grade U.S. History classes at Mooresville High School. Don and his students are interested in obtaining more primary documents about New Deal programs and politics in the Mooresville, Indiana area (near Indianapolis) and they are committed to documenting the experiences of the people who lived through this critical period in our country's history. We Made Do has a forms-based interviewing system built into its homepage.

FDR Cartoon Archive
This award-winning site contains political cartoons from the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This preservation project is a cooperative venture of the AP Computer Math class and the AP United States History classes at Niskayuna High School, in upstate New York. Paul Bachorz, a Niskayuna High School US History Teacher and the project coordinator, looks forward to developing more lesson plans to accompany the cartoon archive and to make these editorial cartoons available for alternative educational uses.

Documenting Depression-era Murals in Upstate New York
Matt Fidler's US History class at Rome Free Academy will be documenting and creating a gallery of New Deal murals in upstate New York. Art historians and educators at Syracuse University will be assisting in the development of this Living Schoolbook Project.

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Utah
Students in Joel K. Briscoe's US History and AP Government classes at Students in Joel K. Briscoe's US History and AP Government classes at Bountiful High School are researching the work of the CCC in Utah. The CCC brought young men from predominantly urban areas to Utah, where they were involved in land reclamation projects, created recreational facilities, and built roads through remote mountain and desert areas. Briscoe and Rich Finlinson of the Utah Education Network have also published on their website many photographs from the Utah CCC camps. They are especially interested in hearing from anyone who may have worked on these projects.