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Links: Government Agencies

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National Archives and Records Administration
The National Archives has scanned and put online many New Deal-era collections, including Lewis Hine's TVA photo series. These images can be found by searching the NAIL database. A New Deal for the Arts, an online exhibit of the National Archives, Covers the federally-supported art projects of the Great Depression. Roosevelt and the Supreme Court: Constitutional Issues asks students to examine documents from the National Archives relating to Franklin Roosevelt's attempt to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
The Web site of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, the first of the Presidential Libraries, contains biographical information on Franklin and a finding aid to the collections there. The site is maintained by Marist College.

Social Security Administration | History Page
Maintained by Social Security Administration Historian Larry DeWitt, the site contains useful historical information on the formation of the Social Security Administration.

Department of Labor | History
This short history was written by Judson MacLaury, Departmental Historian, in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Department in 1988.

Rural Utilities Service
The New Deal's Rural Electrification Administration is now the Rural Utilities Service. One of its current missions is to supply Internet technologies to under-served rural areas.

A Short History of the TVA
On the Tennessee Valley Authority Web site.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thirty-Second President 1933-1945
One of the Presidential Biographies on the White House Web site.