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Links: Non Profit Organizations and Institutes

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Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.
The New Deal community of Arthurdale, West Virginia was established in late 1933 and accepted the first of the original 165 homesteader families in 1934. The Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. web site has links to essays and reports written about the founding of Arthurdale, pictures of some of New Deal Museum items, and organizational information.

Center for New Deal Studies
The Center for New Deal Studies at Roosevelt University contains a remarkable book collection on the Roosevelts and the New Deal, photographs, videotapes, oral histories, manuscript collections, and thousands of pieces of ephemera. The Center supports lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and research.

Center For Steinbeck Studies
At San Jose State University.

Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val Kill
The ERVK site features information about their programs which seek to further Eleanor Roosevelt's interests in youth leadership, women's issues, and cultural diversity. The site will soon include biographical information on Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as projects for students and teachers.

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, which sponsors the New Deal Network, is involved in many other projects supporting human rights and informing new generations of the ideals and achievements of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
The Academy of Leadership's mission is to promote leadership knowledge and practices that empower all those who strive for a just, equitable and thriving society, with special attention to those historically underrepresented in leadership. See, especially, their recently published book, Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage, by Robin Gerber.

National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni
Website of the NACCCA, which includes resources, organizational information, and a brief history of the NACCCA.

National New Deal Preservation Association
A A Non-Profit Organization that aims "to identify, document and preserve the New Deal visual and performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and environmental projects and to educate people about these important legacies."

A Rendevouz With Destiny
Web site of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Memorial Commission. The site includes biographical information and an FDR chronology, as well as information about the new FDR Memorial.