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Links: K-12 Projects, Lesson Plans and Webquests

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1938 Pecan Shellers Strike—San Antonio
This lesson plan, a creation of the Women and Social Movements project at SUNY Binghamton, uses the newspaper coverage of the 1938 pecan shellers strike in San Antonio to examine the role of women and of left-wing politics in the strike.

The Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945
Curriculum materials produced by The Sage Colleges (Troy, NY) and the Niskayuna School District (Niskayuna, NY).

Bland County History Archives
This local history site, which contains oral histories and images, is maintained by the students of Rocky Gap High School in Rocky Gap, Virginia.

Building America: FDR's New Deal
A 1996 Summer Scholars project, created by Dutchess County High School students at Marist College in collaboration with the New Deal Network.

Civilian Conservation Corps: CCC's in Southeastern Utah
Designed by Janet Wilcox and the San Juan High School SurWeb Project (Summer of 1997), the site contains essays, interviews with local residents and former CCC members, and photographs and other documents.

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Utah
Students in Joel K. Briscoe's US History and AP Government classes at Students in Joel K. Briscoe's US History and AP Government classes at Bountiful High School are researching the work of the CCC in Utah.

FDR Cartoon Archive
An online archive of editorial cartoons from the Basil O'Conner collection at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Created by Niskayuna High School's AP Computer Math class and AP United States History.

FDR Political Cartoons
A lesson plan for grades 7-12 created for the Encarta Web site on the Microsoft Network, utilizing a variety of online resources.

The Great Depression
The site covers the Great Depression in Vancouver, B.C. and is maintained by Class 11M, Point Grey Mini School, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The Great Depression and the 1990s
A teaching unit by Douglas Perry and Wendy Sauer. A project of the American Memory Fellows Program of the Library of Congress.

Jersey Homesteads
A web site on the New Deal planned community of Jersey Homesteads (now Roosevelt, NJ), produced by Spotswood High School in collaboration with Rutgers University.

Lane Technical High School Artwork Restoration Project Gallery
"The largest collection of WPA art in any public high School. Eleven frescoes, two oil on canvas murals, oil on steel fire curtain, two mahogany carved murals, and two concrete cast fountain statues."

The New Deal: North Carolina's Reconstruction?
A project of the American Memory Fellows Program, this lesson plan, created by teachers at the Ligon GT Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, NC, is a guide for teachers that will result in imaginary WPA interviews similar to those found in the American Life Histories collection.

The New Deal Webquest
Created by Paul Hewitt, a teacher of American History at Davison High School, Davison, Michigan.

Roosevelt and the Supreme Court: Constitutional Issues
This National Archives lesson plan asks students to examine documents from the Archives relating to Franklin Roosevelt's attempt to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Understanding the Causes of the Great Depression
Part of the United States History Standards created by the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory.

Unions: Then and Now
Created by Paul Hewitt, a teacher of American History at Davison High School, Davison, Michigan, the site includes five lesson plans and links to significant documents.

We Made Do: Recalling The Great Depression
"We Made Do" is on-going project of the students in Mooresville High School in Mooresville, Indiana. It consists of interviews the students have had with survivors of the Great Depression.