A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
A Photographic Document by William C. Pryor
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Bynon McLain (Miner)

Bynon McLain (Miner):

"I can't give you much of a spiel. I've got a boy that's been out of work for five months and they won't give him a job. He has to stay at home. He's twenty years old. he's been around two dozen times and they always put him off. I'm only doing two shifts here (a week). They tell him one thing one time and another thing another. He wrote to John L. Lewis and he told him to go to Birmingham. He's seein' about that today. He'll go down there today and they'll say 'We'll see about it; come back next Friday', then they'll send him way off somewhere else. There's some that they'll let work and some they won't."

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