A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
A Photographic Document by William C. Pryor
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Albert Shaw, Postmaster

"We have a population of approximately 2500 and there are approximately 475 that receive WPA checks — nearly one in every five. They are distributed from this office every two weeks. Our WPA Payroll means about as much as our local industrial payroll. They line up here on payday — those are the two big days we have during the month. Carbon Hill is as nearly one hundred percent American as any town in the United States. Except for two or three Scotch families there isn't a foreigner in town. There is little individual wealth here — less than almost any town in the South — but when it comes to the civic program we put it over. When we got out and got a bank, when WPA was the biggest payroll, you know we had to have something to get it."

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