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A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
A Photographic Document by William C. Pryor
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Functions of the Photographic Section [Press Release]
Photographic Section, Division of Information Service, WPA

National Archives and Records Administration,
Records of the WPA, "Miscellaneous Records of
the Photography Division," RG 69, E 697, Box 2.


The primary function of the Photographic Section of the Information Service is to maintain as complete a file of good, illustrative photographs as possible, covering all phases of WPA work and related subjects, in order that various other units of the Information Service and of the WPA may obtain any type of photographs they need at any time.

The Photographic Section, likewise, supplies prints to editors of newspapers and magazines, to publishing houses, and authors when photographs of WPA activities are requested by them.

Other functions of the Photographic Section are:

To maintain photographic relations with various states administrations whereby we are enabled to obtain for use in our files duplicate negatives and prints of the cream of the photographic production of the states. In this connection, an extensive file of photographs from all states is kept constantly up to date.

To act in an advisory capacity to state WPA photographic units in order to help them where necessary to improve the quality or usefulness of their work.

To keep informed on all subjects within the WPA that lend themselves to good photographic treatment and to see that complete photographic records of such projects are made as soon as possible and are available for use, as indicated above.

To develop ideas for new uses of pictures and for complete series of story telling photographs covering various phases of the administration's work and to make these pictures available for use,

To carry out photographic assignments in Washington or in the field for any unit of the Information Service or for other units of the WPA.

To supply various state administrations with photographs from our files whenever necessary.

To maintain a constantly growing file of negatives (Approximately 17,000 August 15, 1938) produced by our own cameramen or obtained from other sources, for uses indicated above.

To make official portraits of WPA officers and executives as requested from time to time and maintain a file of them.

To make, in addition to uses listed above, large prints and photo murals for exhibition purposes and to do color photography occasionally as requested by various units.

To make stereopticon slides for any units of the WPA when requested.

To maintain through our photographic files as complete a record as possible of projects and achievements of the WPA.

The units of the WPA for which this Section has done work in addition to the Information Service unites include: Women's & Professional Division, Federal Writers' Project, Federal Music Project, Federal Theatre Project, Federal Arts' Project, Education Division, Race Relations, NYA, and Press Information.

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A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
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