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A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
A Photographic Document by William C. Pryor
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Letter to Earl Kelley, 10/20/1938
William C. Pryor

National Archives and Records Administration,
Records of the WPA, "Miscellaneous Records of
the Photography Division," RG 69, E 696, Box 2.

October 20, 1938

Honorable Earl Kelley City Commissioner Carbon Hill, Alabama

Dear Earl:

I am sending you under separate cover a package containing prints of most of the pictures we made in Carbon Hill. I know that Carbon Hill football fans well be sorry to hear that the touchdown pictures did not turn out. That seems to be so often the case--the picture that you want above all to get doesn't pan out. It was due to the fact that the synchronizer failed to flash the bulb at the proper instant a the high speed necessary.

These are for you to display in any way you see fit.

Mr. Little asked me about mats for use in the Carbon Hill News and I am writing him to tell him to come to you to see the pictures he wants mats of and then let us know.

The people here seem to like the pictures very much and the Washington editor of the magazine that was interested in the story is quite enthusiastic. However, he does not know the date of publication yet and when and if I find out, I will let you know. I want to reiterate how much Mrs. Pryor and I enjoyed our week in Carbon Hill and how thoroughly glad we are to have known you and Mrs. Kelley and, of course, everyone else in Carbon Hill.

The people were swell to us and cooperated so beautifully that we have nothing but pleasant memories of our visit there. Please tell those you see that we know that we asked to be remembered to them.

If you should wish to have for your own use additional prints of some of these pictures we will try to get them to you as promptly as possible.

Don't forget when you and Mrs. Kelley come to Washington you are to look us up. I will either be at the office or we are in the Virginia section of the Washington telephone directory and our home address is 317 East Columbia Street, Falls Church, Virginia and our home telephone is Falls Church 1251.


Chief, Photographic Section
Information Service WPA


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A New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
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