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Edgar Pohlmann, Engineering Aide at Hiwasse Dam

Edgar F. Pohlmann

Engineering Aide, Hiwassee Dam, TVA

When my Dad passed away three years ago my Mother gave me his three scrapbooks, which I have recently restored. Two were of his WWII experiences and the third concerned his college years and his subsequent jobs until the start of the war.

My Dad, Edgar F. Pohlmann, graduated from the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (Now the University of Missouri at Rolla, MO) with a degree in Civil Engineering in June of 1939. His first job after graduation was with the Tennessee Valley Authority at the Hiwassee Dam, North Carolina.

According to notations in the scrapbook, he worked on the Dam from August to December 1939. His title was "Engineering Aide." To the best of my recollection his duties were as a surveyor on a survey party. I believe he worked the "Graveyard" shift taking measurements and surveys in preparation for the next day's concrete pour, etc.

After leaving the TVA he worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service at various locations in Texas. He remained with the SCS until being called to active duty December 1941 with the U.S. Army. After W.W.II he remained in Government service until retiring in 1974.

Don Pohlmann


Staff Dormitory, Hawassee Dam

Recreation Building

Spillway section and steel framework for powerhouse

Field Engineers Office

Full view of dam


Looking towards North abutment over top of dam

465 ton gantry crane

Hiwassee River upstream from dam

Draft tubes and Penstock

At the top

Spillway section construction starting on roadway piers

Fellow Engineers: "Jug" Williams, "Sezrik" Hicks, "Strawberry" Gibson, "Bake" Baker, and George Maxwell

View from South Abutment

465 ton gantry crane

Mess hall

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Archives in the Attic

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