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Been Here So Long

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Credits and Acknowledgements

Project Management and HTML
Project Director is Project Director for the New Deal Network. He can be reached via email at
Lesson Plans
Dick Parsons is Curriculum Developer for the New Deal Network and a Curriculum Manager at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College, Columbia University.
Historical Essay
Mark Krasovic is a graduate student in the American Studies Program at Michigan State University. He is beginning work on his thesis which deals with the ex-slave interviews of the Federal Writers' Project and the construction of folk identity in Depression America. Mr. Krasovic welcomes your questions and comments.
Scanning and Graphics
Stav Birnbaum is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University and a New Deal Network intern .
Photographs and Consulting
Bruce Fort is a graduate Student at the University of Virginia and Creator of the American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology site.

General Contact Information
Project Director

Richard Toler, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Each day when you see us black folk upon the dusty land of the farms or upon the hard pavement of the city street, you usually take us for granted and think you know us, but our history is far stronger than you suspect, and we are not what we seem."

Richard Wright
12,000,000 Black Voices

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